18k gold cross

The basis of my aesthetic lies in my fascination with ancient history, medieval art and architecture. These areas of interest, together with an appreciation of precious metals, gems and pearls, provide an endless source of inspiration that is a part of every piece of jewelry I create.

For the past 35 years, I have been creating  handcrafted, one of a kind or limited edition jewelry.  I work in karat golds, sterling silver, precious and semi precious stones, pearls and vintage glass beads.  I am personally and solely involved in each step of the jewelry making process in my studio.  I enjoy working with clients to fabricate a piece of jewelry that has special meaning to them, often incorporating a gem or inherited piece of jewelry that they own and reworking it into a new design to reflect their own style and modern trends.

Whatever my medium of choice, I have always given a great deal of consideration to craftsmanship and detail. Beyond all this, I truly believe that all jewelry, once it is worn, is something powerful and mysterious in itself.